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Save time managing social media for your or your client's business
Maintain consistent 24X7 presence on Social Media
Increase your following and influence


4 Easy steps- no complexity. It is so easy that anyone can do this.

Register and Connect

Register to Flipger, define your business to be able to create different client accounts and team. Connect to social media account(s).

Create Content

Type your content on the text box and attach your rich media. System will determine the links and shorten them automatically. It also previews your images and videos

Choose multiple accounts

Select all social media accounts where you would like to publish your content.

Queue, Schedule, Post or Draft

Select your action - You can publish your content immediately, or choose to publish them later or let system publish them for you at effective times or just keep them in your draft to use it later.



One plan- Free Plan - No restriction, No complexity




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